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Luxury Skincare Treatments in Worcestershire

Sold in thousands of spas in more than 70 countries all over the world, Germaine de Capuccini’s is the leading luxury skincare brand in Spain. Incorporating biotechnology, these facial beauty treatments are rich in plant extracts and vitamins which are suitable for vegans. When you choose my salon in Droitwich, Worcestershire, I will recommend a treatment designed to provide optimal results based on my analysis of your specific skincare needs.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

Based in the south of Spain, Germaine has developed some of the world’s most talked-about luxury skincare formulations by combining active ingredients with cutting-edge technology. If environmental issues are your concern, the company is backed by official certification not only for their recycling and sustainability policies but also for planting trees to offset their carbon footprint. They’re dedicated to keeping you, and the planet, beautiful!

Treatments I Provide

All facials begin and end witha protocol of essential oils to relax the body and mind and allow you to enjoy your therapy – a Germaine treatment is all about the experience.


An optional cosmeceutical approach that is available before proceeding with any facial treatment. Commencing with a highly active Glyco Facial Peel formulated with alpha hydroxy acids, this treatment targets the skin at the deepest level, before the application of an advanced neutralising mask with three complementary multi-active effects:


  • Encouraging the stimulation of superficial skin blood micro-circulation due to the generation of pure CO2 on the surface of the skin.

  • Providing an immediate soothing action.

  • Facilitating the extraction of comedones without pain, due to the inclusion of an innovative neurosensory ingredient in its formula.

By commencing any facial treatment with GlycoCure, skin is deeply renewed & accelerates the natural cellular renewal of the epidermis. The surface of the skin is immediately improved, wrinkles and irregularities are faded, open pores are minimized and congestion is reduced.

GlycoCure 1

  • 15-Minute Treatment | £15.00

Royal Jelly Anti-Stress

Perfect for dull, tired skin, using the renowned royal jelly ingredient which has an excellent anti-stress and oxygenation action to the skin. Improves tone, smooths the skin leaving it clear and full of vitality.

Royal Jelly Anti-Stress

  • 60-Minute Treatment | £65.00

De-Sensitising Caress

Perfect for the most delicate of skins. Hypo-allergenic and specifically for the skin which reacts easily, this treatment will calm and soothe. The treatment not only soothes the most sensitive of skins but also helps to reconstruct the skins own natural defence system.

De-Sensitising Caress

  • 60-Minute Treatment | £65.00

Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial

Designed rebalance and regulate the skins natural oil secretions, this treatment will deep cleanse the skin softening the congested areas to remove unwanted comedones and whiteheads, giving a smoother, even-toned texture and colour to the skin.

Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial

  • 90-Minute Treatment | £70.00

Rose and Honey Harmony Facial

This facial is designed to alleviate symptoms of dry, flaky and sensitive skin. Soothing pure Rosehip Oil, known for its healing properties is combined with our destressing Royal Jelly Elixir to revitalise dull tone whilst helping the skin to regain its natural immunity against daily aggression. Your facial is complete with our 5 Rose Petal Mask which soothes the skin prone to sensitivity brought on by emotional and physical stress. A luxurious gentle touch and healing massage with Obsidian and Onyx stones will help to restore peace and tranquillity to the mind and soul.

Strategist Facial

  • 60-Minute Treatment | £75.00


A completely natural, but high-tech skin rejuvenation treatment which works at the deepest level to renew and revitalise the skin. This treatment will give excellent results immediately, providing a refreshed and radiant look, and is recommended for people with dull and tired skin or acne scarring.


  • 60-Minute Treatment | £70.00


So Delicate Tolerance Care

This hypo-allergenic cream contains a blend of natural plant extracts, oil, and an exclusive Defensive Complex to immediately soothe irritated skin. By reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier, Tolerance Care increases the skin’s tolerance so that over time it becomes less sensitive. whilst it is being well cared for.

S.O.S. D-Sensitising Reconciling Facial Serum

Suitable for sensitive skin, this exquisite formula holds enormous skincare benefits. Use S.O.S. before your regular moisturiser and you’ll soon see the benefits of integrating it into your routine. We also offer two moisturisers to help sensitive skin recover its strength – one for normal or combination skin and one for dry skin.

Timexpert C+ Intensive Multi-Correction Cream (A.G.E)

This advanced anti-glycation moisturiser uses Ume extract to restore elastin and collagen fibres which have been damaged by sugar. Additional Vitamin C provides the skin with radiance and vitality. 87.8% of customers reported more luminous skin.

Time Expert C+

  • 1.5 Hour Treatment | £70.00

Timexpert C+ Anti-Glycation

This illuminating facial is designed to combat the first signs of ageing. An advanced anti-glycation facial utilising the benefits of Ume extract to restore elastin and collagen fibres which have been damaged by sugar and UV radiation. Additional Vitamin C derivative provides a powerful antioxidant, protector, and firmer, offering the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Time Expert C+

  • 1.5 Hour Treatment | £70.00

Timexpert C+ Face and Body Envelopment

An energising face and body treatment which commences with a Vitamin C exfoliation, followed by a collagen boosting body wrap and an advanced anti-glycation facial. Utilising the benefits of Ume extract and Vitamin C, this facial restores elastin and collagen fibres which have been damaged by sugar and provides intense radiance.

Time Expert C+

  • 1.5 Hour Treatment | £70.00

Flash C Radiance Mask

Germaine’s first tissue mask for home use. Its innovative formula uses a unique combination of Vitamin C and Ume Extract, to work against the effects of glycation whilst providing instant vitality, radiance, and firmness. Available in individual units; get one free when you purchase five.

Pure C Essence

A revitalising serum packed with Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP) – an exclusive ingredient that provides all the benefits of pure vitamin C with a more effective penetration to enhance its firming, brightening, and protecting action. Natural Orange Concentrate provides a second boost of vitamin C along with vitamin B to repair the skin’s luminosity, vitality, and balance. An excellent all-around serum to give the skin a boost.

Irresistible Beauty: Timexpert C+

This beautiful gift bag contains our Vitamin C anti-glycation moisturiser together with Sleeping-Cure our night shock treatment to detoxify, purify and regenerate tired, stressed skin. Your gift contains:

Irresistible Beauty: Timexpert C+

  • Intensive Multi-Correction Cream (50ml) with Ume Extract and Vitamin C

  • Sleeping-Cure (10 x 2ml)

Melting Make-Up Removal Milk and Lotion

An all-in-one cleanser, make-up remover, and toner, which gently dissolves make-up and impurities leaving the skin fresh and perfectly primed. Packed with Royal Jelly and Poria Cocos extract, this lotion provides dull and tired skin with nourishment and vitality whilst protecting it from external aggression.

Pro Resilience Royal Cream

Available in Extreme or Comfort, this moisturising cream provides intense vitality for dull, tired, and stressed skin. Containing Royal Jelly, one of nature’s finest natural ingredients, it nourishes, repairs, and revitalises while protecting the skin from external stress. The signs of fatigue are reduced and skin appears more fresh and radiant.

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