Advanced Nutritional Supplements from My Salon in Worcestershire

Explore the range of advanced nutritional supplements I stock at my salon in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Take orally, these revolutionary supplements support and strengthen healthy skin in order to preserve your youthful appearance. I provide clinically-tested skincare formulations, guided by research from around the world and supplied by trusted manufacturers.

Beautiful Skin

The process of ageing starts from within, so feeding skin with the right nutrients is just as important as the treatments you apply topically. The Skin Range products I provide are the first step to ensuring an effective skincare programme with scientifically formulated supplements to help address skin concerns and support healthy skin.

Healthy on the Inside and Outside

Our Wellbeing range works alongside a healthy, balanced diet. Each product contains the purest ingredients at optimum levels. Personalise your supplement programme, a multivitamin formula and possibly a wellbeing supplement, where you need a little extra support.

Skin Complete

Customers love the extraordinary anti-ageing benefits of this unique blend of vitamins and antioxidants. Skin Complete combines two premium supplements, Skin Vit A+ and Skin Antioxidant, to improve the appearance of wrinkles, elasticity, and hydration of the skin.

Skin Accumax™ Problem Skin Solution

Skin problems may affect people of all ages. Skin AccumaxTM contains a patented, highly active plant compound DIM, combined with additional key ingredients including vitamins A, C & E which work from within for clear, flawless skin naturally.

No Chemicals

Skin AccumaxTM helps to address problem skin from the inside-out. It won’t cause dryness or flakiness and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

One of a Kind

Skin AccumaxTM contains key ingredients for people prone to problem skin. The formulation is so ground-breaking that it has been granted a patent. There’s no other product like Skin AccumaxTM.

Skin Omegas+ Pure Skin Hydration

The natural oils in your skin help to keep it healthy and hydrated but factors like age, diet, pollution, and changes in temperature may cause dryness. Skin Omegas+ contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is enriched with vitamin A to help support healthy skin. Made with exceptionally pure fish oil from Epax, a leading supplier partner with simply the best green credentials, it’s also great for the environment.

Collagen Skin Gym

It’s a fact that as we get older our skin loses elasticity and our natural collagen production slows down. Suddenly, our skin sags and wrinkles become more visible. Time to get collagen active with a skin work-out duo.

Skin Vitality 1

An all-around beauty multivitamin which to maintain healthy looking skin, shiny hair, and strong nails. Our experts have blended a range of vitamins and minerals to provide the perfect foundation to support your overall wellbeing.

Vitamin C Plus

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant which supports the normal function of the immune and nervous systems. It contributes to energy metabolism, protects from oxidative stress, and reduces fatigue. Each Advanced Nutrition Programme Vitamin C Plus capsule contains 1000mg of vitamin C together with 500mg of bioflavonoids.


Colostrum is a natural product which contains immunoglobulin (IgG) - the most common antibody found in the body.Antibodies are an important part of your immune system helping to fight infection. Combine Colostrum-C with Vitamin C Plus for excellent results.

Metabolic Support Weight Management Support

Any weight loss plan depends on a well-functioning metabolism. Our expert nutritionists have combined Garcinia Cambogia Fruit, Chromium, and B vitamins to give extra nutritional support. Chromium helps maintain normal blood glucose levels* and B vitamins help your body use the energy from foods efficiently*.

Nail Science Nail & Hair Love

Our team of nutritionists have blended key nutrients such as zinc, biotin, and copper to help maintain normal hair and nails.

Glucosamine Plus

Be supple at any age with this superior formulation, enriched with MSM, zinc, and vitamin C to help maintain healthy bones and connective tissue.

Peak Performance Digestion

Enzymes play an important role in helping you break down your food so that you get the most nutrients from it. A happy digestive system keeps you at your best..

Digest Pro

Digest Pro is a special blend of digestive enzymes and herbal extracts such as fenugreek, ginger, and fennel.


This great-tasting Probiotics powder contains a special ratio of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus cultures. Simply sprinkle over food or mix into a drink.

Skincare Boxes

Designed to help you take the guesswork out of nutrition, this innovative trio of skincare boxes each contains 28 convenient daily beauty pods. Each box is designed with specially selected supplements to support your individual beauty needs. The perfectly balanced ingredients are presented in unique, environmentally responsible packaging from ethical suppliers.

Skincare Select

These popular skin supplements focus on vitamin A to support the maintenance of skin health. Skin Vit A+, Skin Antioxidant, Skin Omegas+ - a powerful foundation for your daily skincare regime.

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