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Germaine de Capuccini

The leading luxury Spanish spa and skincare brand.

Germaine de Capuccini has been the secret of thousands of European Spa goers for over 40 years. The exquisite collections and treatments are sold in thousands of Spa’s in more than 70 countries all over the world.

‘A plant extract vitamin rich product range which incorporates biotechnology, suitable for vegans.’

All facial therapies begin with a personalised evaluation of specific skin care needs. Marie will recommend a treatment designed to provide optimal results based upon skin analysis.

Germaine De Capuccini

The premium products and treatments offered by Germaine de Capuccini are found in the most exclusive salons and spas throughout the world, and are offered by the most highly trained beauty therapists in the industry today.

Situated on an eighteen thousand square metre premises in the South of Spain, Germaine de Capuccini has developed some of the world’s most talked about skincare formulations. The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting edge technology has enabled the company to bring some of the most influential skin care products and professional spa therapies the beauty industry has ever seen.

If environmental issues are your concern, the Germaine de Capuccini Carbon Zero policy backed by official certification means that they not only recycle and re-use, but they also plant trees to offset any small amount of Carbon produced.

Germaine de Capuccini is dedicated to keeping you, and the planet, beautiful!

Treatments available with Marie

All our facials begin and end with a protocol of essential oils to relax the body and mind and allow you to enjoy your therapy – a Germaine treatment is all about the experience.


A cosmeceutical approach that you can choose to receive before proceeding with any facial treatment taking just 15 minutes.

Commencing with a highly active Glyco Facial Peel formulated with alpha hydroxy acids, renewing the skin at the deepest level, before the application of an advanced neutralising mask with three complementary multi-active effects:

  • Encouraging the stimulation of superficial skin blood micro-circulation due to the generation of pure CO2 on the surface of the skin.
  • Providing an immediate soothing action
  • Helps to facilitate the extraction of comedones without pain, due to the inclusion in its formula of an innovative neurosensory ingredient.
  • By commencing any facial treatment with GlycoCure, skin is deeply renewed & accelerates the natural cellular renewal of the epidermis. The surface of the skin is immediately improved, wrinkles and irregularities are faded, open pores are minimized and congestion is reduced.

Cost £15.00 extra when included in a facial treatment.

Royal Jelly Anti-Stress

Perfect for dull, tired skin, using the renowned ‘Royal Jelly’ ingredient which has an excellent anti-stress and oxygenation action to the skin. Improves tone, smoothes the skin leaving it clear and full of vitality.


60 minutes

  • Cost £65.00

De-Sensitising Caress

Perfect for the most delicate of skins. Hypo-allergenic and specifically for the skin which reacts easily, this treatment will calm and soothe. The treatment not only soothes the most sensitive of skins but also helps to reconstruct the skins own natural defence system.



60 minutes

  • Cost £65.00

Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial

Designed rebalance and regulate the skins natural oil secretions, this treatment will deep cleanse the skin softening the congested areas to remove unwanted comedones and white heads, giving a smoother, even toned texture and colour to the skin.

90 minutes

  • Cost £70.00


Stategist Facial

An avant-garde treatment that, thanks to its exclusive [MICRO-D SYSTEM] refining system, deeply retextures the epidermis to reveal skin glowing with youthfulness. Inspired by the der­matological techniques of micro-dermabrasion, it minimises skin imperfections, such as pores, marks, darkspots and wrinkles.

Recommended for skin with imperfections. Skin which suffers from stress, the sun, season changes etc. Suitable for anyone over the age of 30, at any time of the year with the appropriate precautions.


A completely natural, but high-tech skin rejuvenation treatment which works at the deepest level to renew and revitalise the skin. Excellent for skin which is dull, tired, has acne scarring, perfect too for thicker skin. This treatment will give excellent results immediately, with skin looking refreshed & radiant.

60 minutes

  • Cost £70.00

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