For as long as I can remember I have had hair growing on my upper lip and because I have dark hair it was quite noticeable.

When I was younger it didn’t seem to bother me and I just bleached it. However, after I had my first child I noticed that not only did the hair growth seem more noticeable but unsightly hair was also growing on my neck, under my chin. I felt my confidence plummet as the hair growth made me feel very self conscious. In my line of work I have to meet all sorts of people and I realised how much it was impacting on me. I decided I’d had enough and that I wanted to try Electrolysis.

I had no idea who to go to (as too embarrassed to discuss it with any friends, at the time) and was reliant on the Yellow Pages for a contact. I’m just so grateful that it was Marie’s advert I responded to. I was concerned  about the treatment as had heard it was painful – I needn’t have worried though, I could ‘feel’ it but I certainly would not class it as painful or uncomfortable (since those first appointments Marie has upgraded her equipment so it’s even better!).

I am so thrilled with the results, my confidence has come back and if I had known it would have made so much difference to how I feel about myself I would have done it years ago! My Mum was also so impressed with the results that she started treatment with Marie and again the results have been amazing.

Electrolysis - Happy customer

Dr. Hauschka I’ve never been blessed with perfect skin and have suffered from the occasional break-out since I was a teenager - I’d always put it down to hormones and something that I would have to live with. Last year I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and became increasingly despondent as the break-outs got worse, particularly round my chin area. I invested in a range of often very expensive skin care products in an attempt to improve the condition, but to avail, and then came across Dr Hauschka products in a magazine.

Following my PCOS diagnosis I’d become more aware of my diet and the importance of eating the right types of foods and organic produce where possible and decided that I should apply this approach to my skincare regime as well.

I contacted Marie Tipton because I wanted to speak to an expert and have someone identify the best Dr. Hauschka products for my skin. I also wanted to understand how to use the products so that I applied them to my face properly and didn’t waste them! Marie suggested that I have a Dr Hauschka Facial Treatment - and it was absolutely amazing! It was simply the best treatment I have ever had - extremely relaxing and made my skin feel great. Marie also talked me through what she was doing and how she was using the products - so I learnt the importance of ‘pressing and rolling’ and about stimulating the lymphs, particularly around the chin area (which is where the majority of my spots were).

That was in December and the look and feel of my skin has improved dramatically. I’m continuing to use the Dr Hauschka products at home and treat myself to a session with Marie every couple of months. I don’t have any spots now and the old spot marks are fading fast. I really enjoy using the products and won’t consider using anything else!!

Dr. Hauschka - Claire Timmins

Thank God I found Marie Tipton to do my wedding make up! I had tried lots of different looks in the run up to the wedding but wasn't really happy so decided to have a make up lesson with Marie; I was so pleased with how I looked that I knew I needed to have her come to do my make up on the day! Marie was so professional and helpful - she even did a reccy to come and find my venue the day before so she wasn't late on the day - just what you need if you're feeling a bit stressed. Marie was on time, got straight on with it and was very calm as she did my make up, again, just what you need. Although I was trying not to be a 'bridezilla', I really wanted to achieve the 'wow' factor from my hubby to be and unprompted, he told me that's what he thought when he saw me walk down the aisle. I had lots of compliments on the day from guests too and I know I couldn't have achieved that without Marie doing my make up! It's so nice to look back at the photos and know I looked my best on the most special day of my life.

Thank God I found Marie Tipton to do my wedding make up! - Wedding day